Wood Co. Humane Society forced to turn away pets

The Wood County Humane Society is full to capacity and has been forced to turn away unwanted pets.

Last week, more than 40 neglected pets were placed with the shelter after three separate raids. Basically we TMre really full, very strapped and with medical expenses, feeding and work, says Erin McKibben, a cruelty investigator at the shelter.

Among the 46 animals seized there are 16 dogs, 6 poultry, 5 horses and 9 cats. The fate of the animals is unknown. The Humane Society isn TMt able to adopt them out unless they have legal ownership of the animals. It could be a month or two or three before we really know what TMs going to happen, said McKibben. Only three horses have been surrendered to the shelter.

The Humane Society is stilll looking for additional help in the form of colunteers, donations and foster homes. For more information call 419-352-7339.