Woodmore football coach suspended after player receives concussion at practice

An assistant football coach at Woodmore High School has been suspended after a student-athlete suffered a concussion at practice, and some parents are saying the coach is being singled out.

An investigation is pending into accusations that Todd Bringman knowingly put one of his football players into harm's way.

Bringman has been suspended, but some parents say that while the safety of kids is the number one priority, people are forgetting that football is a full contact sport and injuries are a part of the game.

Corey Cowell is a Woodmore parent that has a long history with football, and with Coach Bringman. "Why we have to single out a single coach about something that happened at football practice is what I'm struggling with," said Cowell. "I've got two boys that have played for (coach Bringman). I've got two more that are currently playing for him. Todd Bringman is a class coach."

According to the Suburban Press, complaints from parents include those that claim Bringman is "abusive" when disciplining players.

Cowell says his sons tell a different story, saying they have never been punished by the coach nor been foced to do anything out of the ordinary.

School Superintendent Linda Bringman, the coach's sister-in-law, is quoted saying, "Parent and community members don't always have all the information, but investigations are confidential."

Every parent knows the risk of their kids playing football, according to Cowell. "Every friday night my wife is nervous," said Cowell.

Cowell also thinks the blame put on Coach Bringman, who is just one of a handful of Woodmore football coaches, is personal. "He is an intense coach, but I have never questioned his integrity, or the fact that he would put my kids in danger."

The parents of the athlete who received a concussion declined to go on camera, and asked that names be withheld.

The school's athletic director says the school will not be commenting until an investigation is complete.