Worst Valentine's Day gifts for women, men

Roses are red and a little overdone.

If you're down to the wire on getting your sweetheart a Valentine's gift, it might be a good time to stop, drop and roll before picking a trite token of love. put together a list of "worst" Valentine's Day gifts--What do you think? Are you a V-Day offender for any of these items?

For women:

1) Red roses and baby's breath bouquet.
Why it stinks: It's too ordinary, too cliché . It shows you don't know much about her and you stuck with what was safe.
Quick fix: Try a bouquet filled with your gal's favorite color. Or find a few with different meanings to customize your message.

2) Box of chocolates
Why it stinks: says out of every box of 15 assorted chocolates, a woman will only like about three of the flavors.
Quick fix: Stock your sweetie with her favorite brand of candy in a hand-painted bowl. The hominess of the craft mixed with flavors she already likes will make you seem like the most thoughtful guy on the planet.

3) Jewelry in a ring-sized box
Why it stinks: More proposals happen on V-Day than any other day in the year. While she will love a sparkly pair of earrings or bracelet, she may confuse the message and be instantly disappointed.
Quick fix: Wrap the jewelry in a separate, larger box. Not only will it enhance the surprise, there's also no risk of ring-mania.

For men:

1) Cologne
Why it stinks: Perfume is in the nose of the beholder--It's one of the hardest gifts to get right.
Quick fix: Get a variety pack of sample cologne from your man's favorite brand. Or get the same body wash and aftershave scent that matches his current brand.

2) A tie
Why it stinks: Much like a bouquet of red roses, ties are trite.
Quick fix: Think outside the collar... A cashmere scarf, leather gloves, extra-soft socks, etc. It's a little more original.

3) Gift certificate
Why it stinks: This isn't a college graduation party, it's a relationship. Gift cards are too impersonal to serve as a display of love.
Quick fix: Talk to your man's best friend and get an idea for what he might want. Or try an "experience gift" like skydiving... it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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