Would you use a digital tutor?

Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of tutoring to students of all ages, grades and skill levels.

Sylvan Learning
of Toledo has integrating iPad technology in hopes of accelerating and enhancing the quality of education for local kids.

The â??SylvanSyncâ?? program is a digital tutor aimed at improving math and reading skills.

â??Technology has become a really huge part of learning and itâ??s changing the way kids learn,â?? said Tamara Callejas, director of Sylvan Learning of Toledo.

Hereâ??s how it works: Students are tested before enrollment for an assessment of their skills, then a lesson plan is put together to meet individual needs.

â??They can work at their own pace, so if they are really struggling with a concept the class doesnâ??t keep moving,â?? Callejas said. â??We go back and reteach until they have it and can master it confidently and independently.â??

The iPad is included with the program and is taught by Sylvan certified teachers.

For more information call 419-867-1331.

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