Wounded Warriors use softball league to move forward


The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team made it's way to Adrian, Michigan to play a double header at Adrian College Nicolay Field.

For Nick Salerno it's about more than just a softball game.

“This is a brotherhood, this is what you have in the military I mean this, this is great. For all of us to have amputations and still playing softball, and playing against able-bodied teams, that’s amazing, that’s great," said Salerno.

Bucky Weaver is their head coach and thinks this is as therapeutic as it gets.

“It helps them in so many ways, to get back to normal, to get back to playing ball playing sports," said Weaver.

For many playing on a team like this can provide a sense of purpose for their life.

“It gives me something to do, it gives me almost like a path in life so it’s pretty cool," said veteran Cody Rice.

Rice was on patrol in Afghanistan when he went to take a knee and an IED exploded beneath him.

“I looked down and ‘oh shoot my foots gone, I mean it was really gone. My whole leg was black up to his hip, and I just put my tourniquet on and tightened it a few times and then my team leader came over and helped me out and tightened it more," said Rice.

For Salerno, the lack of a limb does not take away their ability to live their lives.

“Life without a limb is limitless, I mean obviously, we’re all doing this, but there are people who do a lot more than just softball that are missing limbs, you can do anything you want," said Salerno.

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