Yelp for help: Postal Worker's dogs need homes


A couple of local dogs are in need of a home -- that is nothing new.

But these two dogs have an especially sad story: they lost their owner suddenly-- she was the Dundee mail carrier who fell through a porch while making deliveries. No one else could take the dogs in.

"Since nobody in the family could take care of them, the family had decided they were going to put them down. So we took them into our rescue," said Kim McGuire, All Rovers Rescue Friends "ARRF".

McGuire has a special spot in her heart for Goldie, a golden retriever, and Bella, a shepherd mix.

"Goldie-- she's your typical golden retriever. She does have some separation anxiety. She likes to be following you around-- be your shadow. Bella is kind of shy-- she's under-socialized but we're working on that. She's getting a lot better," said McGuire.

These two dogs have been through a lot-- not only losing their owner and their home-- but since arriving at the shelter they have also discovered a few minor ailments. Goldie may have an allergy.

"Goldie had some skin infections and some matting so she was shaved and we put her on some antibiotics and those are starting to heal up pretty nicely," said Dr. Alan Kao, Oregon Animal Hospital.

Bella was losing her hair so the vet did some testing.

"We tested her for thyroid and it was very low and so we're supplementing that-- she gets a supplement twice a day-- and she's been growing her hair back and she's been doing good. She's getting more energy," said Kao.

Kao says these are both very manageable and pretty inexpensive problems and gives both Goldie and Bella the OK for finding new homes.

McGuire hopes that will be sooner than later for these girls that have had such a hard last couple of weeks.

"Both of them like kids. They're good with other dogs, good with cats," she said.

McGuire says she is sure the dogs would like to stay together but she would also be happy for them to find separate, loving new families.

If you would like to help, call ARRF: All Rover Rescue Friends at (419) 351-4996.