You can help name the Toledo Zoo's polar bear cubs

The Toledo Zoo's twin polar bear cubs are almost ready to make their big splash. But there's something they need first: names! You can help by entering the "Name the Twin Polar Bear Cubs" contest,underway now..

The Zoo's keepers have provided suggestions for each of the cubs (one female and one male).

Female cub: Holly ( Holly Reed was a prominent polar bear veterinarian)

Suka (Inuit word for fast )

Tooteqa (Inuit word for wise goddess)

Male cub: Sakari (Inuit word for sweet)

Desna (Inuit word for boss)

Tunerk (Inuit word for gift)

From the winning name entries, the Zoo will draw two random prize winners (one for the winning female name and one for the winning male name). Each of these winners will receive a one-year family membership to the Toledo Zoo, enrollment in the Zoo's polar bear ZooPAL program and many other "bear-tastic" gifts.

Voting is easy: online at ; in person at the Zoo (North Star Trading Post® Gift Shop near the main entrance, or KC's Corner Store by Nature's Neighborhood); or by mail (look for an official ballot in The Blade). All entries are due by 11:59 am (before noon) on Wednesday, May 1; the Zoo will announce the cubs' names and the prize winners on or about Friday, May 3, after notifying the winners.