You Decide: Does Will.I.Am's pro-Obama visit impact your vote?

Will.I.Am signs an autograph for a fan in Toledo.

During the 2012 presidential election there has been no shortage of celebrity endorsers for both the Democratic and Republican parties.

On Monday, President Obama supporter, Will.I.Am made stops at Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo.

The solo musician, and member of the group the Black Eyed Peas, took time from touring to encourage people at NW Ohio colleges to register to vote.

"I care about the youth, youth in college. The debt they are going to have when they get out of college, to make sure there are jobs for them," Will.I.Am said during his stop in Toledo.

The 7-time Grammy award winner was able to gather a large crowd, at the University of Toledo, but studies show mixed findings on how a "celebrity" endorsement can impact a campaign.

In 2010,

two studies from North Carolina State University

found "that young voters are not swayed by celebrity endorsements of political candidates and sometimes voters like the candidate less as a result of receiving a celebrityâ??s endorsement."

During his visit, Will.I.Am also advocated for a stronger focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in schools.

The curriculum is also known as S.T.E.M. for short.

You be the judge. After watching Will.I.Am's responses during an interview in Toledo, would you be more likely to vote for the President?