Young parents of six month old die in fire

Bryan, OH fire department responded to a 911 call at 1:07am Thursday. When firefighters arrived, they found fully involved house fire.

"Heard glass and everything breaking and smoke starting billowing out," said Annette Eberly, who's son lives next door.

By mid-morning, there was nothing left of the house but a shell, and the tragic news that two people had not made it out alive.

"I got a call about 6:00am this morning. She said him(Sebastian McConnell) and Ashley(Jenkins) had been in a house fire. And they had got the baby out but Sebastian and Ashley hadn't gotten out." says Samantha Mohre, Sebastian McConnells aunt.

according to Mohre, Sebastian and his 17-year-old fiance Ashley Jenkins are the two people that did not make it out of the house, and they leave behind a young son.

"Nycholaas will be six months old. He's not quite six months old. He looks just like his dad, just like him," says Mohre.

WNWO was told that the young couple lived here with Ashley's mother and step-father, who slept on a lower level with six month old Nycholaas. They made it out of the fire with the baby, but Sebastian and Ashley were on the top floor, and according to witnesses, the house burned in no time at all.

"It was a matter of 20 minutes from start to finish. The whole house was gone," says Eberly, who wasn't there when it happened, but was telling the story for her daughter-in-law because she did not wich to go on camera.

Ashley Jenkins, a junior at Bryan High School, was reportedly working two jobs while going to school. Sebastian Mcconnell worked in a local factory.

Sebastians aunt says they were just starting their lives together. His facebook page states that Ashley was his fiance.

"He went to church. He liked to spend time with his baby and his girlfriend. He was gonna be a good dad," says Mohre.

Friends and family have already began a memorial in front of the home. They put up crosses, candles, and stuffed animals on the ground at the bottom of the front steps.

Investigators must now sift through the remains and try to determine was caused the horrible tragedy that cost two young people their lives, and left a baby without his parents.