Young volunteers seek source of water pollution

TOLEDO -- This time of year the water is chilly in Swan Creek. Y

et, the students from Maumee Valley Country Day School, are wading in.

Theyâ??re part of the annual Watershed Watch by Toledo area schools.

25 years of students have been checking the health of local streams, rivers, and lakes.

Matt Horvat is the Maumee River Coordinator with the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments. He oversees the program.

During the August water crisis, runoff from farms and cities fed Lake Erieâ??s toxic algae and poisoned Toledoâ??s tap water. So testing like this could be more important than ever.

These students and dozens of other volunteers are now joining an army of data collectors.

Juliette Labone and Enola Ma are checking for one particular pollutant.
If they find phosphates, the test will turn blue.

You canâ??t solve the problem without knowing its source.

And tests like these could be key to identifying where phosphorus is coming from.

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