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      Your tax dollars spent on 'Cybermobile'

      Library's new "Cybermobile"

      It's big, burly and expensive. And your tax dollars paid for it.

      The Toledo/Lucas County Public Library recently unveiled its new "Cybermobile" which is touted as a "state-of-the-art mobile technology center" on wheels, and will begin a neighborhood tour later this month.

      The bus is equipped with 12 desktop computers and a large-screen "Smartboard" for instruction. All of the PC's have Microsoft's Office Suite...and two of the workstations feature enhanced audio and large keyboards for those with impaired sight.

      According to a press release from the Library...the "classroom on wheels is scheduled to take to the road on Monday, January 23, and is a first for the Library and a new concept in the delivery of Outreach services."

      The wheelchair accessible bus will offer classes in computer and internet basics...along with classes on Windows and e-mail.

      The "Cybermobile" was funded as part of a $2.2-million federal stimulus grant. That grant also paid for a new technology center at the Kent Branch Library.

      In a down economy, with many facing smaller paychecks and higher taxes...is a bus equipped with computers and internet access really necessary? Or do you see this as a good use of tax monies to help those without computers and internet access to get on the web?