Zimbeck's attorney faults use of jailhouse snitch

Walter E. Zimbeck

One of the attorney's representing Walter Zimbeck says the Fulton County Prosecutor's use of a jailhouse informant was inappropriate because the man's testimony was unreliable.

Amber VanGunten, who along with her father Gregory VanGunten successfully argued for Zimbeck's murder case to be dismissed says Steve Moden, Jr. told anyone who would listen that he would do anything to get out of jail. "It became quickly apparent that the statements that were made to the police if they had just looked into those a little bit you could see that it was not even close to what had really happened, Ms. VanGunten said.

VanGunten hopes that this case will lead to changes in how jailhouse informant testimony is obtained and used.

The Fulton County prosecutor is appealing the ruling of Judge James Barber dismissing the murder indictments against Zimbeck. The judge has ordered Zimbeck to be released Friday at 4:00 p.m.