Zoo animals enjoy gourd-y goodness

The Toledo Zoo

There have many fall festivities at the Toledo Zoo in recent weeks, including Pumpkin Path and Little Boo, however this weekend was the final fall celebration.

Saturday and Sunday, the Jumping Pumpkins event took place. The pumpkins used in the previous fall festivities, were given to many of the Zoo animals.

The pumpkins provide enriching experiences, by giving the animals something different to do, that is safe and nutritious.

Animals from otters to rhinos, hippos to wolves were given pumpkins.

Jay Hemdal, the Toledo Zoo Aquarium curator, commented on how the animals reacted to the pumpkins.

Hemdal said, "It is a novel thing for them. Some animals just to town and have a load of fun with them, others just smash them and walk away. It is just something different."