Zoo keeper in critical, sedated condition

Louie the elephant in an undated photo.

The Toledo Zoo keeper hospitalized after being knocked to the ground by an elephant is being kept in a sedated state and on a ventilator at The University of Toledo Medical Center.

53-year old Don RedFox's doctors say he is in critical but stable condition and are hesitant to say he will make a full recovery after the July 1st attack.

RedFox suffered broken ribs which punctured his lungs when he was knocked to the ground by Louie the elephant.

UTMC doctors say the big problem is that both of his lungs received major damage.

"You all may have known somebody who had cancer or had a lung removed and still functioned with the other lung. well, unfortunately, Mr. RedFox has injuries--significant injuries to both of his lungs so he doesn't have that residual--he's really got to let both lungs try to recover at the same time," said Dr. Chris Brickman, UTMC Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

Brickman says it will be a long road to recovery for RedFox and that he is not out of the woods yet.

"I can't state that he's going to receive full recovery of his lung function," said Brickman. "He could have significant impairment down the road of his ability to breathe normally but we just don't know that. It's way too early in the game for us to answer those questions."

RedFox's family filed a 14-day restraining order on The Toledo Zoo to prevent the release of video that captured the elephant attack.