Bernadette Noe talks to Marie Claire, NBC 24

Tom Noe

Bernadette Noe, wife of imprisoned coin dealer Tom Noe, is featured in an article in the July issue of Marie Claire magazine. She was first approached by the magazine last August and after some convincing agreed to do it. This past March, she says the reporter re-interviewed her to double check some facts. However, according to Bernadette some of the information is skewed.

"I think the magazine article made it out to look as if everything is peachy keen down here and it's far from it," Bernadette said. "Financially we are crunched. I'm without my partner. My children are without their father. We're had two grandchildren born who very rarely get to see their grandfather."

Though her marriage is bent, it is not broken and Bernadette is standing by her man.

"I'm still his loudest voice out here and I'm not going to stop fighting for him until he gets the justice that he deserves," Bernadette said.