Biden, Strickland parade through downtown Toledo

Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland walk side by side in Downtown Toledo.

Toledo's downtown Labor Day parade had it all, the drum line, the marching bands, and close to a mile of sidewalk lined with onlookers who were carrying political signs.

That's because in front of all the parade action were Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Vice President Joe Biden.

I was actually within reaching distance, I could have touched him so that was a shock, said parade watcher Sara King.

The media followed as Biden and Strickland walked down Summit Street shaking hands and posing for photos.

Governor Strickland knows he has a lot of work to do before the November election.

According to a Columbus Dispatch poll he trails republican challenger John Kasich by 12 points.

I haven't been a perfect Governor, never claimed to have been, but I do work hard for the people. I care about the working middle class. I'm doing everything I can to bring jobs back to our state, said Strickland as he walked the parade route.

If all of today TMs hand shaking, smiling, and waving feels familiar it TMs because it hasn't even been two weeks since Mr. Biden gave a speech at the Jeep plant in North Toledo and attended a fundraiser for Governor Strickland.

I ask the vice president to come to Ohio as often as he could, said Strickland.