Bill lets troops get through airport security faster

A bill that will allow troops to move through airport security faster was passed unanimously in the House. / The Consumerist (Flickr)

The House has voted unanimously to allow military travelers on official duty to move through airport security checks faster.

The bill, approved yesterday with a 404 vote to zero, gives the homeland security department six months to devise a preference system for the armed forces.

Our soldiers who are putting their lives on the line in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere should be afforded extra respect when returning home to their loved ones and shouldn TMt be viewed as potential terrorists in our airports, Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.) told The Washington Post.

If the bill becomes a law, the earliest beneficiaries would be troops returning home from Afghanistan next year.

With various TSA pilot programs already being tested across the country, Cravaack's bill could create a policy shift not only for troops, but other special groups of people that airports identify as "qualified."

The legislation is now headed to the Senate.

Do you think relaxing airport security measures for soldiers on duty will compromise the safety of other travelers? Should other groups be allowed to slip through security easier? Weigh in below.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)