Black Friday tricks from TLC Extreme Couponer

Sylvania native, Joni Meyer-Crothers shares some couponing skills to get the best deals on Black Friday. / TLC

If you are on the prowl for hot deals on Black Friday, you need to learn some techniques from a shopping pro. Joni Meyer-Crothers is an Extreme Couponer and Black Friday is like the Super Bowl for deal hunters like her. I will start out at about 10 o TMclock on Thursday night. We have 15 stores on our list, so I am splitting up the work with a few other shoppers. I wish I could be at every store, but it is impossible, says Joni. We have split up our lists per store, then given each other our money and we will just pool our efforts.

Joni has appeared on TLC TMs hit show Extreme Couponing and has given thousands of dollars in food and hygiene products to area shelters. We have a challenge to everyone to give a few extra gifts to their area shelters this year. Couponing can help everyone TMs dollars go farther.

She did some deal scouting with Kelly Heidbreder at Target and says shoppers need to do some homework before they hit the stores on Friday. Some stores are putting big ads in the paper that seem like a really good deal, but when you add up all the incentives, they are average. For example, if they are offering a flat screen tv, make sure you look at all of the details when comparing, like the screen size, pixels, and other freebies that go along with it.

She says look for the layered deal. Target and Walmart are offering gift cards for early shoppers. Plus they are giving up to $50 gift cards on some purchases on Black Friday. And if you have someone with an iPod Touch on your Christmas list, this would be a great deal. She continues, Because you get the iPod at a great price and $50 free dollars to spend in their store on other stocking stuffers.

Don TMt forget the snacks. Joni says be mentally and physically prepared when you shop on Black Friday. Make sure you are well rested before you head out and it doesn TMt hurt to have a good breakfast before you get to the store. Some hardcore shoppers even pack snacks to keep their energy up.

I will have some free coupons in my purse to brighten a person TMs day. When someone seems a bit grouchy, I TMll just hand them a coupon for free chips and salsa and say, ~Hey, you seem a bit grumpy! How about some free food! TM and it always makes them smile. I love to do that, says Joni. Check out her website and watch Joni on TLC Extreme Couponing Wednesday November 23 at 10 pm.