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      Caught on Cam: Inflatable bounce house blows away with kids inside

      Authorities say two children in suburban Denver were injured in the latest case of an inflatable bounce house breaking loose and being blown around in the wind.

      The bounce house rolled across a field Saturday at the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree as winds gusted to around 30 mph.

      Witness Vannessa Atencio told KUSA-TV that a girl was immediately thrown from the house. A boy remained inside as it rolled about 200 feet - through a lacrosse game - before stopping near a pond.

      READ: Kids hurt when wind blows bounce house up into air

      The girl was treated at the scene. The boy was taken to the hospital, but firefighters didn't report any serious injuries.

      Earlier this month in New York, two young boys fell from a bounce house as it was swept skyward by gusty winds after it broke loose from its plastic anchoring stakes.