Dog pulled behind SUV in crate at 70mph

The dog was being hauled at 70mph in 90+ degree weather.

Drivers pull a lot of different things in trailers on highways, but hopefully you've never seen this done to man's best friend before.

While driving on a Georgia highway with her husband over the weekend, South Carolina animal control officer, Nicole Hubbard spotted something being hauled in a dog crate behind an SUV. Traffic was moving at about 70mph and Hubbard thought surely there was nothing in the crate; however, when they pulled up alongside the SUV, she spotted a poor pooch inside.

The crate was connected to the rear bumper, near the SUV's exhaust pipe, on a day with temperatures rising past 90-degrees.

Concerned for the dog's welfare, Hubbard called police. Georgia authorities never responded to calls for help, so as soon as the offending SUV crossed into South Carolina, Hubbard called police in the Palmetto state.

The driver of the SUV was stopped by authorities, but is has not been reported if a citation or summons was issued.

No injuries to the dog were reported.

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