Exclusive look at the room where Elaina was last seen

The room where Elaina was last seen.

Now moving into it's third week, the case of missing toddler Elaina Steinfurth is receiving national attention.

It has been featured on Nancy Grace and other national news shows, and new video obtained exclusively by WNWO shows the room where Elaina was reportedly last seen.

It has been torn apart by authorites looking for evidence.

According to Julie King, owner of the home, it has remained untouched since the incident, other than four or five searches by officials.

A big question in this case is a gap in time when the ex-boyfriend of Angela Steinfurth, Steven King, is unaccounted for. King is Julie's son, and lives in the home with his mother.

Witnesses report that Steven ran out the back door of his mother's home immediately after Angela appeared at the front door reporting that her child had vanished.

Julie says that information is true, but that she was with Steven, and they were going out to make sure the baby hadn't wandered out into the pool. She says she was with Steven that entire time, and she then told him to go down the alley to make sure she had not gone farther. That is when he was said to have left for about thirty minutes.

However, Julie says he did not diappear like some have said. She claims she was with her nephew and another neighborhood boy looking for Elaina.

Julie says, "He didn't go running out the back door by himself. He didn't go running out the back door with a baby. It was him and I looking in the pool and the garage."

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