FBI says they have a suspect in Robert Wiles case

Robert Wiles

The case of missing pilot Robert Wiles is now generating national attention. The FBI has gone public with a plea for help hoping new information can crack the case.

His smile was as wide as the skies he loved to fly. But after nearly a year, the face of Robert Wiles seems to have vanished into thin air.

From our stand point we think he's alive and we expect to get him back, says Robert's father Tom Wiles.

The Northwest Ohio native disappeared from his parent TMs aviation business in Lakeland, Florida. A ransom note, containing personal information surfaced, but after attempts to follow the demands communication stopped.

If there was any case that the public should call and get involved in, it's this case, because we are so close to getting the situation resolved, says David Couvertier of the FBI.

The national plea for help was seen this morning on NBC TMs Today Show. The FBI says it has identified a key suspect, and has persons of interest in mind. Arrests have yet to be made. There is reason to believe whoever is responsible knew Robert, or his family.

Come forward, help us find our son, Thomas Wiles.

The Wiles' family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to getting their son back.