Government trying to unload monster diamond

In the doghouse with your girlfriend and need a special gift to buy your way out?

Want to buy your wife that one anniversary gift that says, withouth equivocation, I love you?

If so, Uncle Sam has a deal for you.

Starting September 6, the U.S. Marshal will accept bids on a 43.51 carat flawless fancy intense yellow diamond.

The diamond measures 25.7 mm long, 18.11 mm wide, and 10.78 mm deep. The texture is crystal with very slight internal graining and is cushioned modfied brilliant fair cut. The crown is brilliant with 25 facets. The color fluorescence is described as a faint, milky, yellowish white.

In short, is a unique and precious gem that is sure to sell for a substantial price. The U.S. Marshal has established a minimum bid of $900,000. One must pony up $180,000 in a bid deposit just to be allowed to bid. The diamond has been appraised at approximately $15.4 million.

Once upon a time it was the property of an Alliance, Ohio businessman by the name of Paul Monea. Monea was an infomercial huckster who made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the mid-1990s selling gas grill igniters as miraculous pain relief devices. In 1999, the workout tape he produced and marketed, "Tae Bo Workout" was the top selling video of that year -- beating out blockbuster movies like Saving Private Ryan and A Bug's Life.

The world of infomercials was quite good to Monea and he earned millions of dollars. He purchased a Trumbull County, Ohio mansion from Mike Tyson. He acquired his famous gym from a diamond mine he allegedly owned in Africa. But this fortune was apparently not enough for Monea who offered to sell the diamond and the Tyson mansion to a man he believed to be a drug dealer to help that dealer launder drug money. Unfortunately for Monea, the drug dealer was actually and undercover officer working a sting.

On June 26, 2007, Paul Monea was sentenced to 150 months in prison. His assets -- including the remarkable diamond -- were seized to be liquidated. After appeals by family members were rejected by a federal judge, the diamond was made ready for sale.

The diamond is up for bid on the auction site, .When the bidding closes on this incredible gem, some woman somewhere in the world is going to have one very large best friend.

Will you be entering the bidding on this unique gem? Even if you had millions of dollars of disposable income, is this incredibly large diamond something you'd be interested in owning?