Graphic pictures to appear on smokes

The FDA decided toward the end of last year that more graphic warnings needed to be on cigarettes to encourage people to quit...or not start smoking at all.

That effort will now include graphic images and more dynamic warnings that have previously appeared on dad's pack of Lucky Strikes.

The pictures, which can be seen in detail on the FDA's website...and will be required to take up the top half of a pack of smokes by the Fall of next year. Additionally, a warning must be included on all advertising materials and must constitute 20% of the ad.

An autopsied body, a set of black lungs and a man exhaling smoke through a tracheotomy are all part of the campaign. The effort aims to more directly ward off smokers via "shock factor" each time they dip into their pack of cigarettes.

If you smoke, will the more graphic images convince you to quit? Will the do anything in the effort of trying to keep kids from starting smoking in the first place? Or are smokers already well aware of the dangers...and the FDA is just into overkill territory? We want your thoughts!