How a man's dying wish to leave a $500 tip turned into a $50,000 movement

Aaron Collins, via Facebook

It started as one man's dying wish...and has blossomed into $50,000 worth of random acts of kindness.

Aaron Collins, a 30-year-old man from Kentucky recently passed away.

According to reports, the family didnâ??t even know Aaron had written a will when they found the document on his computer.

He left instructions on what to do with his motorcycle, his artwork, and to leave the â??awesomeâ?? tip. Specifically, â??Leave an awesome tip,â?? Aaron Collins requested. â??And I donâ??t mean 25%â?¦I mean $500 on a f***ing pizzaâ?¦for a waiter or waitress.â??

â??It was the last thing in his will, that we do this, and it kind of took me by surprise to see that, and for that reason it kind of left a mark on me,â?? said Aaron's brother, Seth Collins, who quickly realized his brother's assets wouldn't cover his remaining liabilities and the "big tip" request.

So...he turned to the internet.

After his death on July 7, his family set up a blog called Aaronâ??s Wish and a Facebook page to help with the donation. They blew past the requested $ the donations quickly topped $50,000.

You can watch one of the "big tips" being handed out here.

â??When I was daydreaming I thought (if we could collect) $1,500, weâ??ll do it three times, that would just be unbelievable to do it three times, never thought Iâ??d get to,â?? Collins said.

â??Suddenly Iâ??m thinking, â??Oh weâ??re going to get to do it 20 times, 40 times.â??â??

Collins pledged: â??Absolutely every penny we receive will go toward nothing but this. We will pay to host the website. We will pay for the food. Absolutely 100% of the donations we receive will be given to random waiters or waitresses. Our goal is to do this once a week, for as long as you give us the opportunity.â??

We love a feel good story! How would you feel to be on the giving or receiving end of the "big tip"? Are you moved to donate to the cause?