Idea to save Thanksgiving...move 'Black Friday' up a week

Some are calling it the "Death of Thanksgiving".

Major retailers, including Wal-Mart and Target, have decided to get a jump on Black Friday sales by opening Thanksgiving night. A move they wouldn't try if they didn't think they'd make good money.

"Christmas Creep" as the earlier and earlier shopping season is often called, now threatens go "gobble up" Thanksgiving day.

Chris Morran, a writer at The Consumerist website, is offering a novel idea that could, if enacted, actually give Thanksgiving back its rightful place at the table of big holidays.

His idea? Move "Black Friday" up one week to the Friday before Thanksgiving.

And he might be making a good argument in favor of the idea.

"For all the people who complain about Black Friday Creep, there are enough people lining up at all hours of the night in the hope of getting their hands on a few, deeply discounted items. And now that Thanksgiving night sales are becoming the norm, good luck trying to get this lion back in the cage." he writes.

He continues, "If you start the holiday shopping season a full six days earlier than usual, it gives consumers almost a full week to get that bargain shopping done before they sit down with their family for their annual festival of repressed loathing and turkey."

Morran points out that Back in 1939, President Roosevelt not only thought about shifting the calendar relationship between Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season, he actually did something about it.

Convinced that the late date of Thanksgiving in 1939 (Nov. 30) would hurt retailersâ?? holiday sales, FDR made the decision to just move Thanksgiving up a week.

But as Morran notes, "That didnâ??t go over well and â??Franksgivingâ?? became a politically divisive issue with only half the states abiding by the Presidentâ??s non-binding declaration."

But moving Black Friday up a week might actually give both sides of the Thanksgiving vs.. Black Friday rivalry what each really wants in the end.

As Morran argues, "By splitting up Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekends, you take away the annoyances of doorbuster sales infringing on a beloved holiday without taking away the big sales that lots of people genuinely look forward to each year."

Good or Bad idea? Move "Black Friday" up one week to the Friday before Thanksgiving.