Justice sought for Tenn. dog shot in throat

Corona is recovering after surgeries to repair her throat and face.

Cruel. Sickening. Unbelievable: Just a few reactions Facebook users worldwide posted on a photo of a dog found shot in the throat in Tennessee.

The photo of Corona went viral after the Warren County Humane Society posted it to their Facebook page with a reward of $2,500 to help find the person responsible.

According to the humane society, Corona was beaten with a blunt object and shot through the throat after a gun was placed in her mouth. Children found the dog choking on her own blood in the street.

From what animal cruelty officers can determine from their investigation, there was no apparent reason for the attack.

"What is so sad is that I imagine that this wonderful and friendly girl probably sat wagging her tail and this coward put the gun in her mouth and shot her and then hit her across the nose," a staff member wrote on the humane society website. "It takes a truly callous and immoral person to do this."

Corona is being nursed back to health by a local veterinarian and the humane society. Anyone with information about the attack is urged to contact (931)-743-0164 or Anyone interested in contributing to Corona's medical expenses can visit