Local area girl scouts send cookies to the troops

Despite delivering a huge blow in the war on terror with the death of Osama bin Laden, tens of thousands of American troops remain overseas. For thousands of those men and women, some comfort food from home is on the way from a different kind of troop.

It took nearly a dozen volunteers, and several hours, to go through a semi-trailer that was packed full with 4,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Alyssa Nye is a part of troop 1080. She and other Toledo area troops raised thousands of boxes of cookies, to send to raise the spirits of the men and women fighting over seas. I feel like its really fun but sad because they can't be with their family, said Nye.

Cournti Spangler hoped the gift of cookies would help. The boxes are being sent to soldiers in Iraq to give them to the troops so they have a little reminder of home.

The cookies went from their hands, to Heroes in Action. The organization puts together care packages for troops fighting the war on terror. Military mom and HIA coordinator, Dawn Heisler, explains the service is a gift that goes a long way. To them, it TMs just something from home and that somebody cares, said Heisler.

If we can do anything to help the men and women get a taste of home|that TMs really what it TMs all about, said Jennifer Greene of the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.

For more information on what you can send visit Heroes in Action online. You can also find details on how to help put together care packages.