Local defense attorney weighs in on Casey Anthony verdict, sentence on Thursday

There were a lot of eyes watching the Casey Anthony Murder trial including those of high profile defense attorney Alan Konop. Konop gained national attention for his role in the defense of accused nun killer, Father Gerald Robinson.

In Konop TMs opinion what happened in Orlando is a prime example of the judicial system at work, without emotional prejudice. Obviously the jury felt like there wasn TMt enough evidence to convict, so he [defense attorney Jose Baez] must TMve done a good job in his strategy," Konop said.

Without having been in the courtroom, Konop says it TMs difficult to determine why jurors ruled the way they did, but he says one thing was crucial.

I don't think they ever proved cause of death and that's a very serious element that has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, Konop said.

Alternate juror Russ Hueckler was the first to give a look inside the mind of a juror on the trial.

So there was no motive, then they didn't show us how Caylee died. They didn't give us any kind of explanation for that, Hueckler said.

In the court of law, the slightest bit of doubt won't warrant a guilty verdict. It TMs a process that Konop believes is in everyone TMs best interest.

We want some type of standard for a process that makes sense and proof beyond a reasonable doubt makes sense, Konop said.

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday morning in Orlando. She could be sentenced up to one year, on each count of lying to law enforcement officials. But since she has already been in jail for three years, Judge Belvin Perry could sentence her to time served, which means she would go free.

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