Local shrimp farm invites public to annual harvest

The Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm on Obee Road in Whitehouse, Ohio invited the public to participate in the annual harvest of its shrimp crop. Owner Duke Wheeler says nearly a ton of shrimp was harvested over the weekend. "This farm was created out of an idea by my wife, she read about shrimp farming and thought it would be a great idea to bring it to Toledo," Mr. Wheeler said. It required the hard work of thirty workers to collect close to two thousands pounds of shrimp over two days. "We lower the water temperature for about twelve hours, that allows the shrimp to migrate towards the deep end and then we have about thirty volunteers that have nets and they continually walk back and forth to pick up the shrimp," Mr. Wheeler said. Wheeler's shrimp farm is one of only three in the entire state of Ohio. The shrimp is being sold in one pound bags for $15 and can be purchased at the Butterfly House located across the street from the Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm on Obee Road in Whitehouse, Ohio.