Man agrees to vasectomy as part of plea deal

27-year-old <font color="#000000"> <font size="2"> <font size="2">Jessie</font> </font> <font size="2"> <font size="2">Lee</font></font> <font size="2"> <font size="2">Herald</font></font> </font><font size="2"> <font color="#000000"> had fathered seven children with six different women</font> </font>

A Virginia man has agreed to have a vasectomy as part of a plea deal that will shorten his prison sentence in a child endangerment case by about five years.

Shenandoah County assistant prosecutor Ilona White says she came up with the idea for the unusual condition after a judge in a previous case expressed concern that 27-year-old
Jessie Lee Herald had fathered seven children with six different women.


's attorney, Charles Ramsey, says he had some hesitation about the deal but was obligated to pass it along to his client. He says it was a difficult decision for Herald
, who is serving four years in prison.