Outrage after baseball player takes paternity leave

Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton blast Daniel Murphy on WFAN.

Professional baseball player Daniel Murphy faced criticism this week after missing the first two games of the season to be with his wife after the birth of his first son.

Major League Baseball, through players' collective bargaining agreement, allows up to three days of paternity leave, and Murphy was back on the field for the New York Mets after two games.

While Murphy and his team are proud that he put fatherhood and family ahead of baseball, some talking heads, including hosts of the New York-based WFAN radio show Boomer & Carton, were less than supportive.

Co-host Boomer Esiason, former quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, suggested on the show that Murphy's wife should have had a C-section before the season started so that Murphy wouldn't miss any time. He explained by saying if it were him, he would put his job as bread-winner first. "I'm sorry, that is what makes our money, this is how we're going to live our life, this is going to give me child every opportunity to be a success in life."

Craig Carton, Esiason's co-host, suggested Murphy should have left his wife's side 24 hours after the birth. "What are you going to do? Breast feed the kid? There's nothing to do," Carton argued during the radio show.

Days after making the comments, Esiason offered a heartfelt apology to Murphy and his wife. "All I can say is that I truly, truly feel terrible about what I put them through. So for that I certainly apologize," said Esiason.

Mets manager Terry Collins thinks criticism his second baseman received for taking paternity leave has been unfair.

Murphy made his season debut Thursday, three days after the birth of son Noah. He calls staying in Florida an extra day "the right decision to make" following wife Victoria's cesarean section and says "we felt the best thing for our family was for me to stay for an extra day."

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