Should the First Lady get a salary? Prez seems to think so

No one would argue against the fact that being First Lady can be a taxing assignment.

Next to nothing you do happens out of the public eye. Lot's of glad-handing...causes to push and support...and a husband to campaign for. Plus the semi-official duties of playing host to world leaders and foreign delegations.

And for all they do...they don't actually get paid.

President Obama, speaking to supporters Wednesday in Denver, Colorado, seemed to float the idea that they should.

(In the VIDEO, around :45 seconds, he seems to imply it).

"I wanna make sure that she has control over her health care choices. I wanna make sure that when she's working she gets paid the same as men. I gotta say that First Ladies right now don't...even though that's a tough job." he said.

But while the First Lady doesn't draw a paycheck...she does get some pretty cool, and expensive perks.

First Ladies get to live in a big, snazzy house for free...and are given a near unlimited budget to redecorate it when they move in.

There's the private notch security...and a personal staff of nearly two dozen people.

Designers beg you to wear their clothes...and finding a good seat at a concert or sporting event is never a problem.

They do, however, get billed for food, dry cleaning and toiletries.

Do you think the First Lady should get paid? Or are the perks and benefits more than enough compensation?