Toledo Public Schools offer students healthy choices

The Obama Administration wants junk food out of school cafeterias. The legislation, which is soon to be introduced, calls for a ban on the sale of candy and high sugar drinks to school kids. First lady Michelle Obama hopes the new ban will reduce the number of children with childhood obesity.

Toledo Public Schools says it has been under a proactive Wellness Plan since 2006. Pop has been removed from vending machines and are now stocked with water, sports drinks and juices. The district does not provide candy or junk food snacks for children to buy. Instead school children are given healthy alternatives.

The districts Food Service Director says we offer a lot more fresh product, tossed salad, fresh apples, sliced oranges at least two or three items, Reynald Debroas. The goal is to get kids used to making healthy food choices at a young age. When they go to junior high and high school they TMre more acclimated to healthy eating. Each meal served in the district has zero trans fat.

Ottawa River elementary student Kyle Grusbeck says his school offers so many choices that he couldn TMt name them all. Kyle said it doesn TMt bother him that chips and candy aren TMt available for him to buy. He says he wishes more kids could enjoy the lunches offered at Toledo Public Schools, I think they really deserve it because every kid deserves a lunch like this.

Toledo Public Schools doesn TMt permit students from bringing junk food into its schools. Allowances are made on special occasions and holidays. Food Service Director, Reynald Debroas, says they TMre glad to be a step ahead of federal changes to school lunches.