Who is Sandra Fluke?

Sandra Fluke on the Ed Show.

For nearly a week now, the Limbaugh/Fluke controversy continues to dominate news coverage across all platforms. While I can not condone the vitriol spewed by Limbaugh, the depiction of Fluke as a random Georgetown Law co-ed is a far cry from the truth. I will not color her background or statements ( "for a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that's practically an entire summer's salary") with my opinion - but refer you too Wikipedia for a look at her background.

You may also be interested to know that it is not only contraception that Fluke believes should be covered by insurance companies--check out the Media Research Center.

Again - there is no excuse for the Rush rhetoric... but is he being held to a double standard? What of the horrible names Bill Maher called Sarah Palin--and her children for that matter. Where was the outrage from the media for those unspeakable taunts?

It's also interesting that Fluke was not testifying to a Congressional committee, as widely reported, but rather at a Democratic press conference arranged by Nancy Pelosi.

In these trying times, isn't there more pertinent news to talk about?