Your fill-up after you fill-up on turkey could be the most expensive ever

The headline sounds good on the surface. "National Gas Average Falls to $3.43".

The statement is true. The national price per gallon for gas has actually fallen...and it's done so right before the busy travel holiday.

But what most may not realize is that at $3.43 per gallon...this Thanksgiving fill-up will be the most expensive on record.

Even though prices have been dipping lately, the national average is still $0.06 higher than it was during this time last year, says the Energy Departmentâ??s Energy Information Administration.

Last year on Thanksgiving, gas was at an average nationally of $3.34.

In its annual Thanksgiving travel forecast released Tuesday, AAA predicts 43.6 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the holiday, up just 0.7 percent from last year.

"Despite mild improvements in unemployment, the housing market and greater consumer optimism, the economy is still struggling to keep its head above water," AAA said in its forecast.

The number of travelers forecast to drive, fly or hop on a train or bus this holiday is still 26 percent below the peak in 2005 and 14 percent below 2007.

And when faced with higher gas prices and a still flat economy, those who are traveling will likely be staying closer to home.

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? Are fuel prices playing a role in your decision?