83-year-old man accused of offering sexual favors to much younger woman

Ben Dawson, 83 / Centerville Police Dept.

An octogenarian in Iowa is facing some pretty bizarre accusations from a woman he loaned money too. Centerville police say 83-year-old Ben Dawson offered to perform sex acts on 33-year-old Melissa Drew in exchange for forgiving a debt she owed him.

Drew told police she received a loan from Dawson in late June. According to the police reports, when Drew got the money Dawson grabbed her and began kissing her on her neck. Drew says on several occasions Dawson told her that he would reduce or forgive the $7,000 debt if she "allowed him to perform sexual favors upon her for his pleasure."

But it appears Dawson is not new to the predatory lending practices. Police say at least 3 other female tenants of Dawson's have reported similar sexual advances but no formal charges were ever filed.

Along with being accused of prostitution (for offering to perform sexual acts in return for a debt reduction), Dawson was charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse for forcibly kissing Drew without her permission.

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