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      Apparent Toledo police brutality caught on tape

      The family of a Toledo teenager say their 14-year-old son and brother was the victim of an alleged act of police brutality.

      What makes the case even more dramatic is that a neighbor captured the episode on video. The incident happened on Friday at the Brand Whitlock housing projects in South Toledo.

      The video shows two officers trying to subdue 14-year-old Trevor Casey at the Brand Whitlock housing projects in South Toledo. The video shows one officer covering Casey's mouth with his hand and when the officer removes his hand Casey's face can be seen covered with blood.

      The teen's older brother, David Casey, believes the polices handling of the situation was excessive. "In my opinion one officer could've subdued him even if he was resisting or doing anything remotely close to that, he's only 120 pounds, the officers as you can see 250 pounds plus with muscle," Mr. Casey said.

      The teen's older sister , Sharise Woodard,says she has not been the same since seeing the video and directs her anger at the officers in question. "I want them to experience what we've experienced in our family, I want them to feel all the pain they put my brother through," Ms. Woodard said.

      The Casey family says that Trevor has a 10a.m. hearing scheduled for Monday morning in Juvenile Court.