BK to offer Spam burger

Spam often gets a bad rap. Even Monty Python was hammering the luncheon meat product back in the day.

But in an effort to woo Japanese customers to its smaller "slider" type sandwiches Burger King will be offering some interesting combinations...including one using Spam according to an article from

Burger King offered the smaller portioned "BK Shots" in the United States back in 2009...but here in the U.S. they were exclusively beef based.

Following a re-tooling of the name, (the Japanese version is now called "BK Bites"), they also remade the offerings to combine meats.

One offering provides one mini made with beef, the other chicken. But the head turner is offering number two...which boasts one mini made with Spam, the second being a basic BLT. The Japanese "BK Bites" will be available starting June 20th.

The fast-food industry is a competitive one, not only in the U.S. but overseas. Worldwide fast-food chains are constantly trying to find ways to steal market share and can sometimes give unorthodox things a try in foreign markets before giving them a run at home.

The move to the mini-burgers is a big pendulum swing for BK which earlier this year in Japan offered the "Meat Monster" which featured beef, pork and chicken...all in one massive 1100+ calorie sandwich.

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