Black Friday becomes its own holiday tradition

Black Friday shoppers camp out in front of Lucas County Best Buy's in anticipation. / Mike Melchiorre

With stores debuting holiday sales earlier than ever, customers started lining up this week to get a leg-up on the competition.

Best Buy's in Holland and Toledo, which will begin offering discount prices at 12 a.m. on Friday, had several savings seekers already camped outside on Wednesday night.

"A 42-inch [TV] at 1080p for $200 is a really good deal," Black Friday shopper Bryan Jonson said.

While savings can be big motivator for those dedicated to find the best deals, the price reduction is not enough for everyone to forgo a traditional turkey day.

" can't replace can get those things other days," Black Friday skeptic Matt King said.

Some in line, however, insist they are not giving up a family-centered Thanksgiving by waiting in line.

"Our family is bringing us dinner...this is like a tradition for us," Black Friday shopper Austin McCarthy said of camping out with his two cousins.