Child served alcohol at Chili's, mom says

Yet another parent is claiming that her child was served alcohol at a chain restaurant, but the restaurant is crying foul.

Tyree Davis says her 4-year-old daughter Brooklynn Morris was served a Mudslide drink instead of a chocolate milkshake at a Chicago Chili's last week.

"Brooklyn said, 'I don't like it,' and I said, 'you don't like it, why? Let me taste it.' And when I tasted it, the alcohol. I knew immediately it was alcohol," Davis said.

She says her daughter took a few sips of the Mudslide drink before the server realized what happened -- that they had perhaps been swapped.

"That's when I saw the waitress approaching me with the chocolate shake. How can you make that mistake? And then the manager said the drinks were sitting at the bar side by side at the bar, the chocolate shake and the mudslide," Davis recalled.

Davis took her daughter to the hospital. The discharge papers showed she was diagnosed with alcohol ingestion overdose. She's doing fine now.

Chili's says it takes claims like this seriously and has started a formal investigation.

It also says initial findings show the drink in question was served to an adult in glass barware and was not served to a child.

Original story reported by Susanna Song, CBS Chicago.