Controversial church slams Steve Jobs from an iPhone

Westboro Baptist Church member at recent protest / AP

Many people around the world were sad to hear about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' death. But not the members of Westboro Baptist Church.

Just hours after news of Jobs' death came out, the daughter of the small church's founder said the church would protest at his funeral.

She made the announcement on Twitter, with her iPhone. Margie Phelps ousted herself as a hypocrite when she slammed Jobs for being "selfish" and declared the church would be protesting his funeral, all while typing away on her iPhone.

"No peace for man who served self, not God. #hellgreetedhim Westboro must picket funeral. #warnliving," Margie tweeted on Wednesday, just moments after it was announced that Jobs died.

Westboro Baptist Church is well known for picketing at high-profile funerals. It believes God punishes the U.S. for tolerating what it calls sinful behavior, including homosexuality. No word yet on funeral arrangements for Jobs.

What do you think of the church's plans to protest Jobs' funeral? Do you think the Apple co-founder was selfish during his life? Post your comments below.