Entire ATM ripped from Oregon gas station

A thief or thieves managed to unbolt and getaway with an entire ATM from Marathon gas station. / William Grootonk (Flickr)

While most gas station owners worry about armed robberies at the front counter, Marathon gas station on Woodville Road never expected its biggest loss to come from the outside. Early Tuesday morning, a thief, or thieves, ripped an ATM from the floor and sped away with $1,340 inside.

Toledo police found the ATM on Utah Street hours later inside a Jeep burned down to its shell.

The Toledo Blade spoke with owner Samir El-Okdi, who believes the people responsible for the robbery are "professionals."

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"It's safe here," Mr. El-Okdi said of Oregon to the Blade. "It only takes police a few minutes to get here. We don't have any problems like that [during the day]. The only problems are those going around at night and doing things like that."

Do you agree with El-Okdi's assessment of safety in Oregon? Are more crimes slipping through the cracks in Toledo and the surrounding areas? Let us know below in our comments section.