Having trouble sleeping? Change positions

Having neck or back problems or just want to prevent wrinkles? Your sleep position could make a difference.

Many doctors agree that the best way to sleep to prevent neck and back pain, reduce acid reflux and minimize wrinkles is on your back. But, it's also the worst position if you snore.

The next best way to sleep: on your side. It will also help prevent neck and back pain and reduce acid reflux. It's a good position to prevent snoring, or for pregnant women.

They say a quote 'not ideal' way to sleep is the fetal position. Experts say it doesn't help ease or prevent neck or back pain, though it is good for pregnant women.

The worst: sleeping on your stomach.

Experts say it puts pressure on your joints and muscles which can irritate nerves and lead to pain and numbness.

How do you sleep? Are you going to change your sleep position after reading this story? Post your comments below.