Is this the worst tip ever?

A waitress at a Seattle restaurant recently posted the "tip" she received from a patron â?? instead of actually tipping her, he told her to lose weight. / Victoria Liss/Facebook

We've all had bad service at a restaurant before, but has it ever been so bad that you left your opinion at the table in lieu of a tip?

Bartender, Victoria Liss, recently got more than a thank you after serving a patron at a Seattle-area cantina. After the customer finished his meal, he paid, left a $0 tip and signed his receipt. He also included some words of advice for Liss at the bottom of the merchant receipt: "P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds."

After the stiff, Liss took to Facebook to nominate Andrew Meyer as customer of the month. Posting the receipt on Facebook, along with Meyer's name, Liss claimed "the best part is he was dressed like that gay kid on Glee." Meyer made the unfortunate move of paying with his credit card, leaving his true identity for Liss and all of the social media world to see.

Facebookers pounced over the weekend, sharing the photo dozens of times and sounding off in outrage over the insulting tip.

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Is this the worst tip you've ever seen? What do you do when you receive bad service at an establishment? Sound off below or on our Facebook page .