Is Toledo a sad city?

Toledo ranked in top 20 of saddest cities in the nation by Men's Health Magazine / WNWO Newsfile

The City of Toledo has been ranked in another Men's Health Magazine survey and like the others it doesn't paint a pretty picture for the Glass City. As a matter of fact, according to the magazine, it paints a dark cloud.

Men's Health ranks Toledo as the 11th saddest city in the nation. But if you think it's because of our weather, think again. St. Petersburg, Florida is the saddest city in the nation according to Men's Health magazine.

The rankings were based on suicide rates, unemployment rates, and the percentage of households that use anti-depressants.

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Do you agree with the magazine's findings that Toledo is a sad city? What makes you sad about Toledo? What makes you happy about Toledo? Post your comments below by using our new Facebook Comments section.