Man saves and releases mouse, only to have hawk take it for lunch

Video of the hawk snatching the mouse can be seen by clicking here.

You may have seen the video a few weeks back of an eagle allegedly picking up a child in a park that was quickly revealed as a hoax.

A new video showing a raptor in action, at first glance, doesn't look to be a joke.

The scene is set as a man in military fatigues prepares to release a mouse he caught in his home back into the wild.

The mouse, held in a plastic trash can, is clearly seen in the can in the beginning of the video.

With some coaxing...the mouse is eventually slid out of the can and bounds off into the mix of leaves and snow on the ground.

His friend filming asks â??how do you feel kiddo?â??

â??I feel relieved,â?? the man said, â??that heâ??s not going to wake me up in my bed anymore, crawling on my leg. But sad, you know, I just got to know him. And, uh â?¦ oh no."

It's at that point a hawk can be seen swooping in and nabbing the mouse...which can be seen still running off trying to find some shelter.

(You can see the video by clicking here).

â??Oh nooo! Nooo! Are you kidding me? He didnâ??t last five minutes. Iâ??m a terrible person. Oh, my gosh, letâ??s get out of here" says the "Good Sam" as the video comes to an end.

Watch the video and tell you think this one is real? Or another fake?