Maumee cat rescued from atop pole 'resting comfortably'

"Edison" recovering at Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet.

Update: 1/14/11

The cat rescued from a Maumee utility pole Wednesday has been discharged from a Sylvania animal hospital. The feline was taken to the vet after he was retrieved from beneath the Maumee garage where he hid after being rescued from the utility pole.

Lisa McKenzie of Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet says the cat is resting comfortably in a "kitty-condo" in a quiet area of the Save-A-Pet shelter. The cat has been spayed, received inoculations, and has been given a clean bill of health.

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Update: 1/13/11

The rescued Maumee "utility pole" cat has a bright outlook. Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet says the cat is a female about 6 months old. The vet says the cat is in good condition though she did have a little frost bite on one ear. She will be fixed and adopted out if she is tame. If she is feral, she will be given to someone who takes care of those cats. Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet is a "no kill" shelter.

The Maumee cat that had been stuck on top of a utility pole for two days is now safe and sound in the care of a local vet.

Neighbor Melinda Green spotted the cat perched on top of a pole early Monday morning. The cat was freezing in the snow and apparently too scared to come down.

Green made a lot of phone calls and after all her hard work and an outcry from NBC24 viewers, Toledo Edison came to help the cat down.

"They had two buckets go up and I guessed they pushed it with a stick and the animal control was ready with a big net but the cat jumped over the net, landed on its feet and scurried underneath the blue garage behind me," said Green.

Animal Control set up traps to capture the feline and Green tells NBC24 that late Wednesday evening the cat was caught and is now recovering at the vet.

Green has set up a home for the cat-- which its new family is planning to name "Edison" in honor of the utility company that came to its rescue.