"Mile-High Club," Yup there's a flight for that

"Mile-High" status obtainable in Michigan

You have probably heard of the "mile-high club," usually in a joking manner, where the membership is only achieved by having intimate relations with a partner while flying in a plane. Some people take the risk of attempting this feat while on a commercial airliner while others have the luxury of a private jet for their aerial pleasures.

Well now a Traverse City pilot is offering you a chance to gain membership in his plane.

Scott Conaway tells he's devised a safe and private way for passengers to join the "mile-high club." Conaway offers scenic air tours in his Piper Cherokee Six plane and says the idea started as a joke. The joke quickly turned into reality after he saw other businesses around the country offering similar services.

So Conaway removed the rear seats of the plane and added a bed complete with red sheets. For privacy, a curtain was added to separate the cabin from the cockpit. Conaway says he will make sure there are chocolates, flowers and other romantic treats for his customers.

If you're interested you can make the drive north to Traverse City and catch the flight starting at $390. Oh and at the completion of the induction, the membership comes with a certificate to commemorate the special event.

My question: Is this a certificate that you would hang on your wall?