Stupid is as stupid does, man convicted of planking spree

Hart planking on store display / Alexander Hart Facebook Page

The Internet has generated a lot of bizarre games and behaviors, but now a Wisconsin man may be the first person in the country to be convicted of one of them.

Meet Alexander Hart. Last week, he was convicted of going on a planking spree that included posing on top of a police cruiser, an ATM machine and Walmart and Lowe's displays.

Planking, if you are not aware, is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. Both hands must touch the sides of the body and uploading a photograph of the participant on the Internet is an integral part of the game

A Manitowoc judge found Hart guilty of disorderly conduct after viewing the photos and videos that he posted on YouTube and Facebook.

According to the police report, when Hart was confronted by police, he told cops he was just trying to get a few laughs out of his planking exploits. Hart was fined $303 dollars.

But his troubles didn't end there. Hours after he walked out of the courtroom last Tuesday, he was busted on pot trafficking charges.

Planking must run in the family--Hart's brother, Ryan, is facing a disorderly conduct charge himself for lying across a police memorial monument in front of the county jail. You can see that picture here. An officer compared Hart's actions to vandalizing a gravestone at a cemetery.

History of Planking: Wikipedia

Original Story: The Smoking Gun

Do you think the Hart brothers should've faced criminal charges for these planking poses? Have you ever heard of planking before now? What do you think of it? Post your comments below.